MTCSV Weekly Update August 31, 2022

Worship Services

Day and TimeServiceLocation
September 04, 10:00 AMDivine ServiceSanctuary
September 11, 10:00 AMEnglish Holy Communion ServiceSanctuary
September 18, 10:00 AMMalayalam Holy Communion ServiceSanctuary
September 25, 10:00 AMEnglish Holy Communion ServiceSanctuary


Worship Assistance

Sunday School will be assisting the worship service on Sep 04, 2022


Day and TimeProgramLocation
Sep 02, 7:00 PMNorth East area prayerOnline
Sep 09, 7:00 PMNorth West area prayerOnline
Sep 10, 4:00 PMTalent Night & Onam SadhyaSanctuary
Sep 11Sevika sanghom DaySanctuary
Sep 16, 7:00 PMSouth West area prayerOnline
Sep 17, 9:30 PMEdavaka mission Bibile studyOnline
Sep 18Harvest FestivalSanctuary
Sep 23, 7:30 PMSouth East area PrayerOnline
Sep 25Sevika sanghom Bible studySanctuary
Sep 10, 04:00 PMTalent NightSanctuary

Sunday School & Bible study

Sunday school will start at 8:45 AM on all Sundays.

We will also have Bible study at 9:00 AM on all Sundays

Talent Night – September 10

We will have talent night on September 10 , 2022 , Saturday. Let us all celebrate the evening by sharing our gifts and talents with the church family. We will also have Onam Dinner after the performances.

Program Registration Portal: click here

Harvest Festival – September 18

and then celebrate the harvest festival , to honor the Lord your God, by bringing him a freewill offering in proportion to the blessing he has given you.

Deuteronomy 16:10

Le us all celebrate this year’s harvest festival in sanctuary on Sep 18. Please keep this event in your prayers.

2022 Sign Up/Volunteer sheet

Anybody who wish to sponsor for lunch after the service are requested to update the below sign up sheet OR email [email protected]
To access the sign up sheet for 2022, please click here.

Payment Options Available for Donations 

Donations to church can be done in multiple ways
1. Regular check, payable to MTCSV or Mar Thoma Church of Silicon Valley and mail it to
Parsonage Address
158 Teralba Ct
San Jose, CA 95139  
Trustee Address 
Sam Mathew
3853 Bucknall Rd
Campbell, CA 95008 

2. Zelle payment
You can use your bank or Zelle App and make a payment to [email protected] . We will receive the payment immediately.  
You can write memo the cause of the payment.

Happy Birthday!

Sep 01Adelene Johns
Sep 01Hannah Mathew  
Sep 02Joel Abraham 
Sep 03Arun Joseph 
Sep 05Rohan Abraham  
Sep 05Shawn Thomas
Sep 05Georgy Sam Varghese 
Sep 06Natasha Mathew 
Sep 06Sunjay Koshy 
Sep 10Isan Samuel 

Wedding Anniversary

Sep 09Manoj Abraham and Renju Manoj
Sep 10Soney Jones and Sheeba Soney
Sep 14Ajay Koshy and Elizabeth Koshy

Amazon Smile Program

Similar to Benevity, Amazon supports local and national charity organizations when their customers shop with them. We have signed up for Amazon smile, which will give a small percentage to our church when someone uses Amazon smile to make any purchases. We request you to sign up for smile program through