MTCSV Weekly Update March 14 2024

MTCSV Weekly Update March 14 2024

This Sunday, we will have Malayalam Holy Communion Service at 10:00AM starting with Praise. Sunday School will be at 8:45AM and Bible Study will be at 9:00AM. We will celebrate our Parish Day this Sunday. One Day income is also offered on the Parish Day. Please offer it along with the Offertory.

Worship Services

March 17, 10:00AMMalayalam Holy Communion Service
March 24, 10:00AMEnglish Holy Communion Service
March 31, 10:00AMEnglish Holy Communion Service
April 07, 10:00AMEnglish Holy Communion Service

Passion Week Services

March 24, Sunday, 10:00AMEnglish Holy Communion Service – Hossana
March 25, Monday, 7:30 PMMalayalam Sandya Namaskaram
March 26, Tuesday, 7:30 PMMalayalam Sandya Namaskaram
March 27, Wednesday, 7:30 PMMalayalam Sandya Namaskaram
March 28, Thursday, 7:00 PMMalayalam Holy Communion Service
March 29, Friday, 10:00 AMFirst and Second Service: Malayalam
Third Service: English
March 31, Sunday, 7:00AMEnglish Holy Communion Service – Easter



March 15, Friday, 6:45PMYuvajana Sakhyam FellowshipArun Johnson and Sneha Thomas
March 16, Saturday, 9:00AMEdavaka Mission RetreatSanctuary
March 16, Saturday, 9:00PMChain Prayer EndingOnline Teams
March 17, SundayParish Day/ One Day Income OffertorySanctuary
March 23, Saturday, 9:00AMCPR TrainingSanctuary
March 23, Saturday, 6:00PMSouth-East Area PrayerJohn Chandy and Leela Chandy
April 06, Saturday, 6:00PMNorth-East Area PrayerBenson Cherian and Jainy Cherian
April 13, Saturday, 9:30AMFasting Prayer led by Edavaka MissionSanctuary
April 13, Saturday, 6:00PMNorth/South West Area PrayerVijay Rajan and Anupa Varghese

Praying Home: A Pleasing Sacrifice

Thank you all for taking part in the daily chain prayer from 6:00PM to 9:30PM. We have three more days to go and most of the time slots are signed up. But, there are less than 12 time slots that are not signed up. Please sign up if you can. Click here.
The last session of the chain prayer will be online. Please click here on March 16, Saturday at 9:00PM to join the last session.

Edavaka Mission Retreat

We will have Edavaka Mission Retreat this Saturday in preparation for the Parish Day on March 17. Please sign up for the retreat as early as possible so that arrangements including lunch can be made, click here.

CPR Training

Please register here if you would like to attend the training.
Parents with small children showed interest in taking this training. If you can volunteer for engaging small children for 3 hours, it will be a great help. Please let us know if you can volunteer.
Any question, please let me or the coordinator, Sherly Mathew know.

VBS 2024

We are ready with the VBS registration and sponsorship information.
For the VBS 2024 registration site for children and volunteers, please visit VBS2024_Registration
Please visit Sponsorships_VBS2024 for the sponsorship page.

Save the Date


Yuvajana Sakhyam Retreat


If you are interested in attending the Yuvajana Sakhyam Retreat, please sign up as early as possible as the space must be booked in advance.

2024 Volunteer Sheet

The volunteer sheet for year 2024 is here. Please sign up if you would like to host Prayer, sponsor after service refreshment or join any Parish team.

Payment Options Available for Donations 

Donations to church can be done in multiple ways
1. Regular check, payable to MTCSV or Mar Thoma Church of Silicon Valley and mail it to
Parsonage Address
158 Teralba Ct
San Jose, CA 95139  
Trustee Address 
Vijay Rajan
2597 Leigh Ave
San Jose, CA 95124

2. Zelle payment
You can use your bank or Zelle App and make a payment to [email protected] . We will receive the payment immediately.  
You can write memo the cause of the payment.

Happy Birthday!

March 14Reetika Agarwal
March 16Tiji Thomas
March 19Annika Ninan
March 19Robin Jacob
March 19Anjana Sebastian
March 19Susan Abraham