MTCSV Weekly Update March 29 2023

MTCSV Weekly Update March 29 2023

This Sunday, we will have English Communion Service at 10:00AM starting with Praise. Sunday School will be at 8:45AM and Bible Study at 9:00AM.

Worship Services

April 02, 10:00AMEnglish holy communion service
April 09, 7:30AMEnglish holy communion service
April 16, 10:00AMMalayalam holy communion service
April 23, 10:00AM English holy communion service



Day and TimeProgramLocation
April 1, 5:00PMNorth East Area PrayerResidence of Anish Mathew and Linda Mathews
April 15, 10:00AMEdavaka Mission Fasting PrayerSanctuary
April 15, 5:00PMSouth West Area PrayerTBD

Holy Week Services

Date and TimeService
April 02, 10:00AMEnglish holy communion service
April 03, 7:30PMMalayalam Sandya Namaskaram
April 04, 7:30PMMalayalam Sandya Namaskaram
April 05, 7:30PMMalayalam Sandya Namaskaram
April 06, 7:00PMMalayalam Holy Communion Service
April 07, 10:00AMMalayalam Good Friday Service 1 & 2
English Good Friday Service 3
April 09, 7:30AMEnglish Holy Communion Service

Passion Week

Please plan to attend the services next week. The timing of each service is given above. We will have Easter Service on Sunday followed by a breakfast. Please visit here to sign up for food on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

VBS 2023

This Year, VBS will be held from June 15th -June 17th. Please feel free to invite your friends and register early so we can get a count of the kids who will be attending. Please click here to register a child or volunteer. Please contact [email protected] if you need any clarifications or concerns.

Ukraine Donation

Our Youths are doing a donation drive for Ukraine
There are two ways to donate.
1. Buy the needed items from shops and put it in the donation box in the foyer.
2. Order through Amazon the items which I have shared a list of as a QR code in the announcement and set location to Achen’s home.
The items in the list are recommendations. please feel free to buy similar items.

Cottage Prayer Sign up

We are looking for families to host monthly cottage prayer meeting in each area. Please let your area representative know or sign up here.

2023 Sign Up/Volunteer sheet

Anybody who wish to sponsor for lunch after the service or would like to volunteer to any teams are requested to update the below sign up sheet OR email [email protected]
To access the sign up sheet for 2023, please click here

Payment Options Available for Donations 

Donations to church can be done in multiple ways
1. Regular check, payable to MTCSV or Mar Thoma Church of Silicon Valley and mail it to
Parsonage Address
158 Teralba Ct
San Jose, CA 95139  
Trustee Address 
Abraham Panicker
1340 Bulb Ave
Santa cruz, CA 95062 

2. Zelle payment
You can use your bank or Zelle App and make a payment to [email protected] . We will receive the payment immediately.  
You can write memo the cause of the payment.

Happy Birthday!

March 30Royce George
March 30Priya Kurien
March 30Reyna Jerry
March 31Joanne Jacob
April 1Anaya George
April 1George Mathew
April 4Sneha Eapen
April 5Robin S
April 5Anu David

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