MTCSV Weekly Update September 22, 2021

Worship Service  

September 26, 7:30AM: English Holy Communion Service. We will have harvest Festival after the service. Note that Sunday school will be at 4:00PM. The service and harvest festival will be streamed live in zoom. As per the current decision, this will be the last service that will be streamed live.
Click here to attend worship service using zoom


Day and TimeProgramZoom Link to View
September 24, 7:30PMSouth East Area PrayerClick here
September 26, 4:00PMSunday SchoolClick here
September 26, 7:00PMSevika Sanghom Bible StudyClick here
September 27, 7:00PMJourney towards Spiritual and Mental Health — Workshop. Host: Pushpa Samuel. Guest: Melba MatthewClick here
[email protected] 8:00 PMOnline Prayer led by Yuvajana SakhyamClick here
October 01, 6:45PMNorth East Area PrayerOnline

Harvest Festival 2021

We will be having Harvest festival in a hybrid format after the Holy communion service this Sunday. Arrangements are being made for attendees in person and in zoom to participate in this year’s harvest festival.
Thank you all for signing up for bringing items. We have crossed the minimum amount of items that we don’t have to order to restaurant. Please feel free to bring items even if you did not sign up. But, it will help us in planning if you sign up the items here.

Parish Convention 2021

We will have our Parish convention from October 7 to October 9 (Thursday to Saturday). Rev. Thomas.K.Mathew​ will be the main speaker this year. Achen is doing his ministry in Philadelphia area as the Youth Chaplain. Theme for the convention is “Hiring now”.​ The key verse is “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the lord of the harvest, therefore to send out workers into his harvest field”, Matt 9:37-38​. The Convention will be at 7:00PM on Thursday and Friday and at 5:00PM on Saturday. Please plan to attend the convention in person.

Payment Options Available for Donations 

Donations to church can be done in multiple ways
1. Regular check, payable to MTCSV or Mar Thoma Church of Silicon Valley and mail it to
Parsonage Address
158 Teralba Ct
San Jose, CA 95139  
Trustee Address 
Sam Mathew
3853 Bucknall Rd
Campbell, CA 95008 

2. Zelle payment
You can use your bank or Zelle App and make a payment to [email protected] . We will receive the payment immediately.  
You can write memo the cause of the payment.

Volunteer signup sheet for 2021 

Click here to volunteer for Parish teams

Happy Birthday!

23Chacko Easow
23Benjamin Thomas
24George Mammen
26Zachariah Zachariah
28Annamma Kurien 
1Jobin Abraham
1Evelyn Isan
2Jenson Thomas
2Abuttan Thomas

Wedding Anniversary!

23George Thomas and Anu George 
24Jeesh Thomas and Abitha Jacob

Amazon Smile Program

Similar to Benevity, Amazon supports local and national charity organizations when their customers shop with them. We have signed up for Amazon smile, which will give a small percentage to our church when someone uses Amazon smile to make any purchases. We request you to sign up for smile program through